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Sinooutput Group LTD generator branch, Sino-E brand generators mainly focus on 5KW-2000KW generators made in China and international.The certificates are CE, ISO, GB/T28202009, and marine generator approve CCS, GL, KR, DNV, ABS etc. widely export to UK, Greece, Germany, Romania, Germany, Finland, Poland,Danmark, Spain, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria etc.The generators as setting position, can be divided into stationary generators, Portable generators/ mobile generators. The generators as type can be divided into open type generators and silent type generators. The generators as fuel type can be divided into Diesel generators, natural gas generators, marsh gas generators, biomass gas generators, coal gas generators, vegetable oil generators. The generators as application can be divided into land generators(industrial generators, agriculture generators) and marine generators, in details the generators can be used for hotel generators, mining generators, village power generators, mountainous generators, island generators, restaurant generators, school generator, outdoor lighting generators, marine power generators. Since more than 20 years expert field development, now we cooperated with engines brand as: Cummins, Volvo, MTU, CAT, Daewoo, Shangchai, Jichai, Yuchai, Tongchai, Weichai, Zichai, Sinotruk etc. we cooperated with alternators brand as: Landian, Stamford, Marathon, Siemens, Faraday, ABB etc. We could give you the most competitive price and better quality. Our value message is: Sinooutput long term business service to make you are succeed in the generators field.

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