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  • 650KW cummins diesel generator
650KW cummins diesel generator

650KW cummins diesel generator

650KW Cummins diesel generator

Generator model




Rated power




Output voltage


Engine power


Power factor

0.8 lag

Output current


Generator dimension


Net weight


650KW Cummins diesel generator--engine parameter

Cummins engine




Cylinder number


Max. rated power


Cylinder arrangement

L type

Diesel model

china 0#



Fuel consumption




Lubricant grade


Compress ratio


Max. lubricant capacity


Air intake type

Natural air intake

Max. lubricant temp.


Governing type


Max. oil consumption


Thermostat temp.


Smoking max. temp.


Max. press

10 Kpa

Intake resistance

2.5 KPa

Cooling type

Closed water cooling



650KW Cummins diesel generator--alternator parameter


Can be optional



Rated power


Exciting type


Voltage adjust range


Voltage control type


Steady voltage adjustment


Transient voltage adjustment


Steady frequency adjustment


Frequency steady time


Temp. rise


overload current


insulation grade


Overload ability


protection grade


Short-circuit current

3 times 2S



Short-circuit capacity

3 times 2S


THF<2%, TIF<50

Cooling type

self cooled

Cummins generator, overhaul time is very long, by normal maintain, the overhaul time can be 15000h.

Cummins Generator stable performance for frequency and voltage.

Cummins generator better capacity for sudden overloading.

Cummins generator spare parts are all available all over the world

Cummins generator lower emission.

Cummins diesel generator main spare parts introduction

1, The dismounted filters could not use again.

2,Use clean diesel full filling the filter.

3, when connect, should be more 1/2 to 3/4 circle, in case too tight or too loose.

Cummins connecting rod body is a long part, it has a large force in operation. In order to prevent its bending and deformation, the rod body must have enough rigidity. For this reason, the connecting rod body of diesel engine (driven type of land generator set) for unit mostly adopts I-shaped section, which can minimize the mass when the rigidity and strength are sufficient, and H-shaped section is adopted for high-strength diesel engine (driven type of land generator set).

Cummins engine water heater, when powering, the water heater used for heating the coolant.
In order to make sure better well connecting and delete the dirty things, can use Vaseline on the surface of water heater.
When the generator used for standby power, the water heater could test the coolant temp automatically, if the power lower than manufacture arrangement, it will heat automatically, when the temp. Up to 50℃, it will stop.
When the generator working, must stop the water heater, in case broken.

Injector actually is a simple solenoid, when power the solenoid,suction up needle valve, open injection hole, the fuel injected through valve head needle and the gap of injection hole, come out the vaporous type, facilitate for sufficient firing.

Cummins starter designed by battery charging curve, adopts high frequency switch power tech. Inside min. Single starter, small size, light weight, high frequency charging. Meet the standard EMC. Combined the smart charging tech. This starter has the function as: smart, high efficiency, safety, high reliability, overcharging protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection and over-heat protection. Cummins Starter models can be: 3634778
3640732, 3680140, 3806191, 3863163, 3863445, 3900178, 3904073, 3906273, 3906725, 3907749, 3910565, 3916575, 3920616, 3923550, 3933407, 3933715, 3935326, 3939014, 3964745, 3967726, 3972734, 3972735, 3975132, 3975135, 3975140, 4000589, 4057596, 4060535, 4063625, 4063626, 4063913, 4090207, 4094998, 4095421, 4096532, 4892318, 4892320, 4900261, 4901059

We repair: 1.Keep the conductor good, eliminate dirt and oxide, and apply a little vaseline after connecting;
2.To protect the battery, each start≤ 5S, the second starts at least 2S after 1st start. 3rd starts  failure should check problems;
3. When starting, press the clutch pedal to shift the transmission to neutral;
4. After the engine (land generator) firing, release switch immediately to reduce the starter idle and clutch wear.
5. Regularly lubricate the bearing, pay attention to the connector condition of dynamic contact plate and static contact;
6. if start with teeth wear or smoking, immediately check and revise.
7. Power off, keep the distance 2.5-5mm between driven gear end and flywheel end, in order to other fix or adjust.

Cummins piston head is the part above the piston pin seat. The piston head is equipped with a piston ring to prevent the high temperature and high pressure gas from entering the crankcase and the engine oil from entering the combustion chamber. Most of the heat absorbed by the piston top is also transmitted to the cylinder through the piston head and then transmitted through the cooling medium. The piston head processes several ring grooves for installing the piston rings. The number of piston rings depends on the requirements of sealing. It is related to the speed and cylinder pressure of diesel engine (driven by land generator set). The number of rings of high-speed diesel engine (driven by land generator set) is less than that of low-speed diesel engine (driven by land generator set), and the number of rings of diesel engine is less than that of diesel engine. Generally, two gas rings and one oil ring are used for diesel engine; three gas rings and one oil ring are used for diesel engine; three to four gas rings are used for low-speed diesel engine. In order to reduce the friction loss, the height of the ring belt should be reduced as much as possible, and the number of rings should be reduced under the condition of ensuring the sealing.

1, Cummins radiator shall not be connected any acid, alkali or other corrosive properties.

2, Suggest firstly use soft water, hard water treatment, in case inside block.

3, Please adopt the standard antifreezing solution in case corrosion.

4, When install radiator without damage, to make sure the radiator working ability and sealing.

5, when the radiator is fully drained then fill water, switch the cylinder block of the engine button, and close it when there is water drain, in case the water foam.

6, Daily working should always test water level, and stop engine lower temp. Then adding water, slowly open the water tank cover, workers should keep enough distance in case some scald.

7, In winter should drain out all the water if long time no working, in case filter break by freezing.

8, The standby radiator should set ventilated and dry.

9, According to the necessary, should clean the radiator filter per 1 or 3 month, clean through anti-wind direction in order to long-life of the radiator.

10, water lever should clean every 3 months or according to the actual condition, each parts dismount clean by warm water with non corrosive detergent.

1, By rated power, turbocharger could up 500-600℃, and impeller speed up to 60000-100000rpm.     2, adopts special materials nickel base alloy and aluminum alloy.     3, adopts semi floating bearing, engine lubricating oil pressure lubrication and cooling, full balance impeller and supercharger shaft. 4,After starting, idle for 3-5 minutes to fully lubricate, and before stopping, idle for 3-5 minutes to dissipate heat.              5, Before starting a new or overhauled engine, fill 50-60ml oil from the oil inlet C of the supercharger to lubricate the bearing.

Cummins crankshaft is affected by the centrifugal force of rotating mass, the gas inertia force with periodic change and the reciprocating inertia force, which makes the crankshaft bear the bending and torsional load. so crankshaft must have sufficient strength and rigidity, and the journal surface needs to be wear-resistant, work evenly and balance well.            In order to reduce the mass of crankshaft and the centrifugal force produced by its movement, the crankshaft journal is often hollow. Each journal surface is provided with an oil hole to lead in or out the oil for lubricating the journal surface. In order to reduce the stress concentration, the main journal, crank pin and crank arm are connected by transition arc.

PT diesel pump tech. is America Cummins patent products, mainly combined by PT diesel pump and PT injector. Cummins PT pump electronic actuator: 3408324、3408328、3408326、3408329.GAC series actuator: ADC225、ADB225、SYC6714、LSM672N、6714.

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The Cummins engine main parts description

The Cummins silent type generator pictures reference:

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